The office internship in Fondation Kana allows acquiring some experience within the framework of the work within an expert organization in the questions bound to social affairs, to education, and to environment in Cameroon. The working axes of the foundation are: disabled persons, human rights, sensitization in the fields of health, renewable energies and environmental protection.

Roles and duty of the interns:

  • Participate in the life of the Web site;
  • Develop plans of projects and communication;
  • Accompany the work and the projects daily;
  • Participate in the meetings with the partners (other organizations, confederacies, institutions) and the members of Fondation Kana;
  • Help in the acquisition of new supports, partners and sponsors;
  • Make an evaluation of the professional status of the interns and the exchanges with the members of the foundation or a scientific evaluation.

General conditions:

  • This type of training course in Fondation Kana extends over 2 to 3 months or more;
  • A good knowledge of French and English is necessary;
  • The cost of living in Cameroon is from €10 to €15 (about FCFA 9,750) per day;
  • A written internship report will be handed to the foundation after the duration of the training for archives.