The socio-economic situation in Cameroon, as in all the developing countries, does not allow to have a real policy of care of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Indeed the civil society, following the example of institutions such as Fondation Kana suggest helping these last ones through the system of sponsoring set up since near decade, allowing the nutritional, sanitary and school care of certain orphans and vulnerable children.

The family is the base on which the child has to lean for a better development of life in society. Regrettably the situation is different in the poor families where the children are rejected.

Having noticed this phenomenon growing in our society, Fondation Kana took the resolution to bring its modest stone for the protection of children with or without family relation.

In reception facilities, certain children need an additional help because what bring the government and the other institutions is not sufficient. Fondation Kana comes to help certain persons by paying their school expenses, their medical prescriptions and by relieving their everyday life.

With your contribution, you can change the situation of a child by motivating, by encouraging and by showing them other perspectives.

The beneficiary children of this help are:

  • Orphans with or without institutional relation,
  • Handicapped persons with or without institutional relation,
  • Other vulnerable children.