Since 2008 project Sun at school sensitizes pupils on the questions of protection of the environment. It’s an innovative project in Cameroon that is carried out in several schools of the country among which those of Yaounde in the center region and of Dschang in the Western region of Cameroon.

The sensitization of children is the key of the nature conservation: today, the fight against climate change and depletion of resources of the planet became an international priority with regard to the ratification of the Kyoto protocol that came into effect on February 16th, 2005. Because "The future citizen has to be conscious, from the youngest age, that he is an actor of a sustainable development ".

Then Fondation Kana set up a project named Sun at school which until now is unique in Cameroon and began in schools of the capital Yaounde and now effective in another region. The courses are dispensed from primary to secondary schools and the modules of courses are adapted to each level.

The education to environmental protection allows to:

  • Sensitize, inform, advise and train in the questions of the environment, renewable and non-renewable energies;
  • Let young persons to know about the current problems related to the environment and also show them possible solutions specifically in the field of renewable energies.