Checked-box Make sure you can finance all the necessary in advance: flight, invaccinations, equipment for your stay can sum up to €1500 – €2000;
Checked-box Make sure you can finance your stay: monthly costs are about €400 for accommodation and about €200 to €250 for nutrition etc. If you want to travel before, during or after your internship this will cause extra-costs;
Checked-box Send your application form to Fondation Kana;
Checked-box 3 months before leaving: invaccinations (Yellow fever, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Meningocoque,...);
Checked-box If necessary, do a French or English language course;
Checked-box Book a flight, wait for the invitation letter from Cameroon, get a visa at the embassy (go there in person, they will give you the visa the same day);
Checked-box Arrange with Fondation Kana in which areas you will work;
Checked-box Ask Fondation Kana if they want you to bring along something they need for their work: can you be courier for something;
Checked-box Packing list : mosquito net, medicine you use daily or in case of illness (especially medicine against diarrhoea, standby-malaria-medicine: take it the first week of your stay in Cameroon), mosquito spray (nobite), clothes with long legs and arms to protect you at the time of sunrise and sunset, clothes which are not too sensitive because of the red soil in Yaounde and washing your clothes by hand is a challenge to cloth, presents for your guest family an the project coordinator (e.g. chocolate, if you work in institutions for children little presents fort he time of leaving are good: balloons, sweets etc.), drugstore articles, bag with zipper, if you are using contact lenses you should consider taking glasses instead as the air is full of dust and you often go by motorcycle, Visacard, pens and notebooks, books (they are difficult to get in Yaoundé), laptop (internet access via wireless lan or stick are possible), camera, mobile phone, USB-stick, international drivers licence;
Checked-box Scan your passport and save a copy on a computer or usb-stick at home;
Checked-box Subscribe a travel insurance.