In order to be close to socially vulnerable people especially those of the rural areas, as Maman Suzanne KANA had always done, and to participate through our usual actions, to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDCs) in the field of primary and preschool education for all, the following objectives had been set at the beginning of the 2012/2013 academic year: Fondation Kana shall construct a hall of two classrooms for three neighbouring villages in the Western Region of Cameroon. The Toula Ndizong (, Nzong and Nteu in the Menoua division, of the Dschang district and precisely the Foto Group.

Thanks to the donation of about 5 million CFA francs, Fondation Kana and its partner New Generation in Germany as well as the sponsor of the PENTASYS AG enterprise, bring their contributions through efforts supported by the Cameroonian government for a better educative system.

The retrocession ceremony took place on September 10, 2012, in presence of the chief of the village, representatives of Fondation Kana, students, directors and teachers of the various schools.

Construction of a new classroom for the Foto Division Construction of a new classroom for the Foto Division Construction of a new classroom for the Foto Division

This action is in line to continue the programme for the sponsorship and support of OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) supported by the Fondation Kana, and other projects of different educative communities in the different regions of Cameroon in favour of these children.

The most common definition of democracy says it’s a «government of the people, by the people, for the people ». People here means everyone and not only some people. Thus, democracy necessarily requires the implication of the entire population. Unfortunately, in practice, because of some contingencies it’s not easy for the whole population to participate in the management of public affairs. Voting is the usual means of participation in the management of public affairs but some groups of the society, including people with disabilities, have difficulties to get involved in the election process.

With the support of different actors - in particular the international charity Sightsavers, more than 30 000 persons with disabilities should be now on the electoral enrolment form. But as a result of ignorance, lack of motivation and familiarity, they are not rushing to get their voter cards. Most of them, precisely because of their disability, are not aware of all the actions that need to be done to be granted a voter card. Though, we are now only a few days away from the legislative and local elections which will be held on September 30th.

The program of civic education is a logical follow up to what has been done in terms of inscription on electoral enrolment forms and collection of biometric card, and it could provide insights into the importance for disabled people of getting involved in this process. All over the country, in polling stations, we have seen numerous disabled people voting, being observers and even local presidents. This massive participation will for sure encourage a larger implication of disabled people in the future.

In order to succeed in calling up and raising awareness among disabled people and public opinion, a press luncheon concerning the civil participation of disabled people was organized, attended by mass media, political parties and people with disabilities.

In the framework of future electoral disparities with respect to municipal and legislative elections, there has been the need to ensure the close participation of all handicap persons who are eligible to vote. As per Law N° 2010/002 of 13 April 2010 on the protection and promotion of handicap persons, Article 27(2) is to the effect that the state would encourage the presence of handicap persons at the different levels of social and political life in Cameroon.

The Plate form, Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities exists for a dynamic inclusion of handicap persons in the socio-political affairs of Cameroon.

Aware of the fact that it represents about 3.000.000 persons with 880.000 who are eligible for vote (that is they have the voting age).

In the constant quest for a dynamic atmosphere for the inclusion of handicap persons in the socio-political affairs of Cameroon through its programmes and development projects such as citizenship education by Fondation Kana with the support of SightSavers Cameroon, a registration campaign has been organised for the biometric modification in the towns of Yaoundé and its environs through sensitizations, door to door education, and training on the notion of Biometric amongst handicap persons.

Inscription on the lists Inscription on the lists Inscription on the lists

With regards to the sensitization for Biometric corrections, close to 400 handicap persons were registered thanks to our voluntary field workers and the different ELECAM pooling stations in the different quarters of the town.

After the communicate/pronouncement of the organ in charge of elections, the Kana Foundation remobilised the handicap persons for a Campaign geared towards the withdrawal of voters card.

Collecting voters' cards Collecting voters' cards Collecting voters' cards

This project permits us to understand that the inclusion of all in the position of handicap persons in all domains of life is possible if we make concerted efforts.

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