« At the very beginning, before any action or initiative moving towards a voluntary commitment, there is a deliberate attempt to travel. I have discovered myself to be a traveler, a flows and journeys lover. Then, slowly and deeply humanitarian commitment started to be necessary, as a true desire to help the most disadvantaged people and to solve injustices. My project of international voluntary commitment is a mix of these two reasons.

The French NGO « Développement Sans Frontières », gave me the opportunity to work with the Fondation Kana. I have 4 months, to provide technical expertise to the projects and the action of this Fondation which leads, in an emergent country, a fight to protect deprived children and to make the voice of all socially vulnerable people heard.

As well as being in the field for environmental and sanitarian campaigns in schools, I will think in-depth on the present and future projects of the foundation, work on resource mobilization and improve internal and external communication. A multipurpose mission that immediately convince me to be involved in Fondation Kana’s global project towards childhood and education which is according to me the most meaningful area.

Finally, to the question « Who am I? », I will just answer that I am anything but what I was dismally before: a disillusioned white man and a head which doesn’t know what it wants.

Frederic Laurence Frederic Laurence Frederic Laurence

I am convinced that everyone can on his own way contribute to make the world a better place, so I decided very soon to commit myself into associations promoting the rights of most vulnerable people. Being a volunteer enriched so much my life that I choose to become a professional in the Development sector in order to concretely and efficiently participate in the improvement of the living conditions of persons less fortunate than myself.

Having graduated from a Master degree in humanitarian projects management, I had the opportunity to put into practice and to improve my skills working in France and abroad on the development and monitoring of several projects in the field of solidarity, education and culture.

As a volunteer in Cameroon for the French NGO «Développement Sans Frontières», I had the chance to choose the association I want to work with. I highly appreciated the values of Fondation Kana and the actions led belongside young people and children. That is why I decided to commit myself to this structure. Thus, since November and until May, I will support the General Coordinator of the Fondation in administrative tasks and in the coordination of health and HIV activities.

Flavie PaponFlavie PaponFlavie Papon