I have wanted to go to Africa for many years and being a psychotherapist I wanted to make my trip one where I could give of myself to the country rather than just being a tourist. I searched the internet looking at volunteer positions in Africa. Most of the people I know who have been to Africa have been to South Africa and so I decided I would look outside this area. My searching eventually leads me to Cameroon and on reading up on the country I found it was known as « Little Africa ». I was lucky to be introduced to a close relation of Fondation Kana, who told me about this great charitable society for whom she has great respect for the work they are doing in the area of Aids, hygiene education and support for orphanages. I am delighted to say I will work at AGAPE Home for Children (Yaoundé) where I will assist in any way I can in a general sense but I will also teach English and Math to younger children and provide support for them.