Fondation Kana works with social nonprofit institutions where some of the children of our program of sponsoring live. Thanks to the know-how of these partner institutions and to our acquired experience on the ground, we are capable of identifying the needs of children as well as those of the host institutions. We work all together to satisfy three basic of these needs:

  1. Nutrition. Here the accent is put on the nutritional balance to avoid deficiencies. We also try to inculcate the bases of a healthy diet to the boarders of partner institutions;
  2. Health. We educate the children on diseases, their dispersion and their prevention. We also sensitize on the impact of the environment on the proliferation or the eradication of certain germs.
  3. Education. Education is one of the basic elements of development. That is why the partner institutions make a huge effort to give their chance to so many children as possible. Thus Fondation Kana supplies the basic school equipment to children, pays their schooling and examination fees. We also provide the necessary support for their success.

Bringing your support to a partner institution of Foundation Kana, you would help us to take care of children in the same way as those of their ages who do not depend on institutions and who find around them all the necessary support for their self-fulfillment.