The project Sun at school which joins the environmental educational program in the secondary school implemented by Fondation Kana consists in carrying out courses to the pupils in the form of workshops quite as in the schools of primary education. With this difference that here the developed themes are even more supported because the school level is the one of pupils from first years of high school to upper sixth class of the general education and those of the technical education who are more capable of understanding the environmental aspects. For the secondary school, we mostly resort to "PowerPoint” displays made by the animators, as well as to videos. Quiz and homework allow estimating the degree of implication and understanding of the inculcated notions.

To sharpen the interest of pupils for the problem of environmental protection and renewable energies, practical sessions are operated following presentations to show how we can obtain light thanks to photovoltaic patches. To stay in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and insure the sustainability of the project, the main target remains the young people, who later can facilitate the application of new laws and favor the expansion of the photovoltaic. It is an opportunity for all the concerned to learn and to inquire better on forms of energy.

Through transfer of the theoretical knowledge in schools, this project will contribute to cover the big deficit in information and especially to allow the young people to grow with a positive vision of the environmental protection, the solar energy and the new forms of energy.

Results expected from the project:

  • To impregnate children with the notion of environment and the importance of its protection;
  • The appropriation of the project by the teaching and educational profession;
  • To introduce the learners to the notion of solar energy and its various advantages, through the photovoltaic, to incite to favor its expansion.